Bring To Class on Day 1 (Classroom Instruction Only):  

  • Pen and Notebook

• Your State ID or Driver's License

•  A valid F.O.I.D Card if you have one (Not Required to take the class)

• Resident Alien Card (if applicable)

 Bring To Class On Day 2 (Classroom Instruction & Range Instruction): 

If you do not have a

Firearm, or ear and eye protection we can provide it.

• Your unloaded and cased firearm with ear and eye protection (If you have it).

• At least 50 rounds of ammunition ( AMMO IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM).

• A valid F.O.I.D Card if you have one (Not Required to take the class).

• A valid State ID or Driver's License.

• Reliable personal transportation to and from the range.

Course tuition does include usage of a small caliber handgun. Provided by Bullseye.  Ammunition is not provided. Purchase ammunition for your handgun before you attend class, and expect to fire 50 rounds. Students will meet at the class room to complete the course and drive to the range for the live fire fire portion of the class and dismiss from there. Range fees and ammunition cost vary depending on location of range and caliber of ammunition.

 This expense is separate from the tuition of the course and students pay separately for this associated cost.

Students must provide their own transportation to and from the range facility. The range facility is a public range, and other shooters will also be using the range.

Bring Eye and Ear Protection If you have it!!!!!!


Fingerprinting For Illinois Concealed Carry License

 Bullseye Protection Training uses a licensed state of Illinois fingerprint service if you want fingerprint services on the 2nd date of the class. Fingerprinting is done by Anthony's Fingerprint Services; and is $60.00 per student. If you want fingerprint services at a later date. We provide you with a list of Live Scan venders approved by the State of Illinois in class and also the list can be found on the Illinois State Police website. (Fingerprints are not required).




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